eckrail asked:
Piggy backing off of the anime ask: What's your favorite/least favorite parts of Gurren Lagann? Also do you prefer the dubbed or subbed? I like the dubbed if only to listen to Leeron be creepy, lol.

hands down my favorite part of gurren lagann, is when they are doing their final assault on Tepplin and the music starts, and it pans around gurren lagann, and its wings pop out right as the music starts to build.  i get chills every time, and i am getting chills just talking about it now.

i seriously only watch subs if thats all there is, i dont want to have to read my tv, and pause and rewind if i missed something.

kingssman asked:
Favorite anime...?

Gurren Lagann.

i can seriously watch it 100 times.

unholy4mind asked:
congratulation =P you from the uk rigth ?

i wish!!  i live in the US, i havent even gotten to travel out of country D:

ohheylookatthatthing asked:
How tall are you?

im 5’3” 

Anonymous asked:
such a lovely, slim physique! what are your measurements, i.e. how many inches around your bust and how many below? incredible body, am jealous!

uhh i dont really know, like maybe 85 cm around the fullest point of my bust, and then i guess maybe like 74 cm below. 

Anonymous asked:
What are your life goals???

to be the very best, like no one ever was

Anonymous asked:
I'm convinced you're not real. It's impossible for one person to be so pretty and not be a celebrity.

i am a beautiful japanese robot.  with rocket launchers.

I -think- I changed my icon

xeraf asked:
2 3 4 5 10 13 17 18 19 20 22 24 25 (pictures please? XD) 28 30 34 This is quite a bit, so hope you have fun answering :)

2/3/4 - already answered

5 - can i say sona?  lol or viridi from kid icarus uprising

10 - In MMOs and stuff, i usually like bows, and ranger classes, in rpgs ill usually play a caster with a staff or wand.

13 - Dark-a Souls-aruo

17 - having to explain to an 8 year old that your not -really- shooting yourself in the head in persona 3 

[i already answered but heres another one, even if its not actually about the game lol]

18 - playing phantom hourglass, and getting stuck on one of the map making parts, and getting really frustrated and closing my gameboy, then coming back to it about 2 hours later, and thats all i needed to do, close the game boy.

19 - already answered

20 - most any shooter [cept bowgunning in monster hunter]

22 - Harvest moon its a wonderful life, the loading time, and the cut scenes at the beginning of the game equal out to being over 45 minutes long, so i put it in and load it up and sit for like 5 minutes and then i dont have any desire to wait 40 more minutes to play.

24 - 

25 - 

28 - Dark souls

30 - Already answered, but heres another one - pretty much any boss fight from dark cloud/dark cloud 2

34 - yesssssssss

renkoku asked:
9, 18, and 26? (Video game question list) :)

9 - i cant think of a specific one off the top of my head, i know im supposed to say like final fantasy 7, or something sad like that, but i never really got into ff games

18 - Everyone on my team went mid one game, and we actually held it down pretty well.  but the other team spent the whole loading screen debating who on our team was playing what role. 

26 - Capcom, fromsoft, pokemon company, nintendo.

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