I WANted to do the aces too but there was this trio thing going on 


Pollock Bars

Mexico-based Unelefante, an online gift store has teamed up with Chef Jorge Llanderal and his family to created a collection of beautifully designed chocolate bars that are inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock.


(Source: usacolony)

i remember that my mom used to tell “dad jokes” im glad that i didnt miss out on that.


KILL la KILL Ryuko Matoi: Kamui Senketsu Ver.

6/30 Release!


Moon spirit Yue and ocean spirit someone?? idk i was painting Yue and I was thinking i wish there was a human ocean spirit.. and so i painted one :’) was hella fun 

xeraf asked:
Sometimes i forget to click the end turn button. I am sorry :( What rank are you?

im like 25 i think, but i literally just started today.  i wish it had turn times much like MTG does

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