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Minato Arisato | Minako Arisato 
Yukari Takeba | Junpei Iori |  Akihiko Sanada 
Fuuka Yamagishi | Shinjiro Aragaki | Ken Amada 
Aigis | Chidori Yoshino

*The full Katsucon 2014 album can be found here



I’ve wanted to draw this for a long time
Gardevoir in different dress styles! uvu


uhmm im gonna need you all to go ahead and reblog my last selfie, its cute as shit, and like dang have you ever seen that tum tum lookin so good?




(original by Flikkerlicht. I like my versions best ;) )

Its actually pretty fucking rude and not cute/edgy at all to promote bullying of any kind.

Pretty shitty of someone to take their art and then make it promote bullying so no ur version sucks ass

not cute or edgy to steal art yo, not only did you steal it tho, you massacred the meaning behind the pieces to begin with.

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Anonymous asked:
hey, idk how to talk to you but you are really cool and pretty!

you are doing it now XD!  im a lot lamer than youd think, but if you message me off anon im usually easy to talk to

Anonymous asked:
You should so put the hot pictures you put on fb on here too! There are more people who need to see just how hot you are!!!

>///< omg

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