Anonymous asked:
Is someone complaining about your cleavage? Definitely a jealous girl or some anon talking shit, you're just beautiful with or without showing your skin like that, you like cosplaying (I guess) and if they have something against it, then fuck them!

i literally never look at how much cleave there is, but i guess thats where everyone else looks, what the heck!  plus i got that like downward myspace angle going on a little bit, so it makes it more exaggerated.  

cosplay selfie shows as much cleavage as another popular cosplayer’s professional photos shoot sets… called immodest 

tuesdayknight asked:
I really like the neck piece on your armor, some gauntlets would also be supper cool

I have some, i just dont have the clasps on them yet, im doing a bit of procrastinating, but i work better when im home alone [less distraction] and i should be alone for a few hours tonight when evan goes to class

punromantic asked:
I like the idea of that armor, but omg please tell me you only used crappy worthless commons :O

i used commons and uncommons that i had more than a playset of, i dont even think i used any rares.


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